Cameron Counselling

Hello, I’m Joanna (or Jo) Saatchi and I’m based in Poynton between Macclesfield and Stockport. I began my therapist training in 1987 with a relationship counselling charity. I then went into private practice with a friend 20 years ago. I am as engaged and interested as I was when I began.

For me, the relationship between counsellor and client is key. It can take a lot of courage to talk about issues, maybe for the first time, but the trust that comes from being accepted and not judged, can be part of the healing.  It’s a collaborative process; I don’t tell people what they should do, the client is always in charge.  But I believe it’s important that I have a ‘toolkit’ to draw on for each person, as everyone is different. 

I am always learning new things and keeping my training up to date. Many of the approaches in which I have had substantial training years ago, such as person-centred counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and solution-focussed approaches, can absorb elements of neuroscience which in recent years has greatly opened up our understanding of trauma by explaining how the brain and our nervous system work.  For example, we’ve known for many years about Fight Flight and Freeze but now understand more about the things that can help when we’re emotionally triggered.

Due to my background and training, I am particularly drawn to the areas of bereavement and loss, anxiety, low mood, self-esteem, personal development, relationships and spirituality. Since Covid, I have worked mainly but not exclusively online having taken a comprehensive course in online therapy.

I keep up to date with recent advances in our understanding of mental health and wellbeing and where appropriate may share information and resources from podcasts, websites or information gained through training.  There’s a wealth of good tips on how to become, or stay, mentally fitter such as moving the body, getting fresh air or being in nature, creativity, and being connected with others. 

In terms of self-care everyone will have their own way of being kind to themselves, which is always more beneficial than criticising ourselves. It includes doing things that lift the spirits, which speaking personally, can be knitting, reading, or walking with a friend (and trying to be grateful if it rains!)

If you are thinking of having some counselling, or want to test the water, please do feel free to contact me by phone, email or text. If I’m busy, I’ll get back to you, if you leave a message or your details.

There’s no expectation that you’ll commit to anything but after a brief chat if you do want to make an appointment, I would send you all my information.  Our first session is always an assessment to see if you feel comfortable with me and whether we are a good fit.   If I feel I don’t have the necessary skills or experience to help, I would signpost you to other counsellors or services who might be better suited.
07771 737370
Dip Coun.
Bsc (Hons) Psych.
Open University (one year) Death and Dying
PGCE teacher training (post 16).
BA Div.